As you all know, POM underwear is leakproof.  We know how important leakproof is for peace of mind, and all our discussions with customers often have this as a question.  So, in this article in our POM Periodical, we are going to delve a bit deeper to look at how POM is leakproof and if there are any issues, what might cause the problem.


Period underwear is designed in numerous ways to be leakproof.  Naturally, the first main part is the special absorbent fabric technology.  With 4 layers of fabric technology, they are designed to soak up and store any blood or other bodily liquids. The top layer material is made from cotton, which is moisture-wicking and absorbs very quickly, almost immediately.  It is also made with a SilverClear additive.  SilverClear is a highly efficient antimicrobial, bactericidal and anti-odour solution.  It is ecological, safe, and non-toxic.  It effectively destroys bacteria, mould and fungi that cause odour, discolouration, and degradation of garments, helping them to also last longer and not smell. The second layer is made from a terry fabric which further absorbs and holds the liquid. The third layer is when the magic happens, it’s made from TPU fabric, whose function is to prevent leaking and it does so by pushing the liquid back up creating a liquid lock. The fourth layer is then either cotton or an organic bamboo fabric both very comfortable and breathable meaning they are soft on your skin.


Things to watch to ensure period undies continue to not leak.


  1. Not Prewashed As we mention on our website, POMs need to be washed BEFORE they are worn.  This is the case for all-period underwear.  Washing them activates the technology so they can perform at their optimum.  Each pair should be washed at least once before you wear them, and they will benefit by having 3-4 washes before wearing them on your period. The most common reason for any leakage is because they have not been pre-washed.


  1. Not changed frequently enough.  Every product has its limit of how much fluid it can absorb.  Also, every pair has a different capacity of how much they can hold, from light absorbency holding 5ml/1 teaspoon which is the equivalent of 1 tampon or light pad to heavy absorbency which holds 15ml/3 teaspoons which is the equivalent of 3 tampons or 1.5 overnight pad.  If you don’t have the right absorbency pants on for your flow you could easily get into trouble if you’re not changing it regularly enough.  The simple test is that if your POMs start to feel damp or a little “heavy” then it is a sign that you need to change them; they’ve probably reached their saturation level. So just think that you need to change your period undies to match your daily flow.  Of course, your POMs are going to be more absorbent and longer lasting than tampons and pads.  So just like you would regularly need to change them, you regularly need to change your POM.  But because POM can be so absorbent, lasting up to 8-12 hours without needing to be changed, sometimes we start to get too comfortable and forget they can only hold so much.


  1. Poor Fit If your undies aren’t fitting well, they’re not going to catch everything.  If undies are too big, they can leave gaps and if they are too tight, they might not cover everywhere that you need.  It’s not science, but it is a lot of common sense.  Every style of underwear is different as well, so you may not take the same size in every style.  If you don’t feel they fit well, just send them back and exchange them.  Be sure to check the size guide and our advice before you buy for the best fit.


  1. Washing & Caring Properly.  Of course, washing your POM properly and looking after them is another simple but important thing to do.  Like all clothing, it is going to wear better and when technology is involved, they are going to perform better if they are cared for as the manufacturer instructs.  If POMs aren’t cared for properly, they can start to lose their absorbency and firmness of fit.  So always check the washing instructions for your POM on our website, wash them in cold water and hang them out to dry – never in a clothes dryer.  Also, avoid those fabric softeners and nasty bleach.  


  1. Poor quality You might not be a POM customer yet so you’re not using our comfortable period underwear that is made from organic cotton or bamboo.  There are a lot of period underwear brands that are frankly fairly cheap and nasty.  People say you get what you pay for, and that certainly applies to many period underwear brands and often those bought at a chemist or supermarket.  Good quality period underwear needs some essential elements to work well, and that includes being leakproof.  They need to be 1) made of good quality fabric, ideally it should breathe, hold their shape, and be comfortable to wear which of course means they’re also good for the environment.  2) They should be well-designed. You won’t be able to properly tell until they’re washed and you’re wearing them, but good style and design are critical for looks, but also function.  3) High quality technology.  The four layers of technology are critical for period undie performance, you just can’t compromise on this.  Again, you pay for what you get.


So why not give POMs a go and test out the leak-proof technology for yourself? We offer 10% off your first order plus a 60-day risk-free trial so you can pop on some POMs without fear.


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