POM underwear will give you total peace of mind. 

No leaks, no fuss, no worries, so you can enjoy total comfort and protection for 8-12 hours without a thought.

We have a large range of styles and designs to suit all preferences, ages and body types.

POM products are well-priced, designed and made to the highest quality, providing a long-life product.

No more need to think about supplies, if’s, when’s, where’s and what-ifs. Just pop on a pair of POM in the morning and you’re right to go for the day.       


When you pop on your POMs you know that you’re helping the planet.

POM is an environmentally better option than disposable tampons and pads. 

POM products are made from either cotton or bamboo and will provide years of ongoing use

Tampons and pads have an afterlife of over 500 years, so you’re helping end the use of non-environmental products.

The average woman disposes of about 12,000 used sanitary products in their lifetime!

Even the POM packaging is environmentally friendly, made from raw recyclable paper. 


POM is pledged to help fight Period Poverty.  For every 25 pairs of underwear we sell, we give a pair of free POM to help fight Period Poverty. 

With every pair of POM you buy, you are also personally helping to fight Period Poverty.  Make a difference - pop a pair of POM in your trolly.

Period Poverty is a worldwide issue that affects millions of women and girls who struggle to afford or access safe menstrual protection.  It affects an estimated 500 million people worldwide.

Each year, 137,700 children in the UK miss school because of period poverty.


I’m Sabrina the Aussie 20-something behind POM.  POM is my dream realised of helping people and the environment via one simple yet very effective product. 

My own journey with period underwear started only a couple of years ago, but oh how I wish that was different. When I started using them it was because I wanted to save money and make less waste. Upon using them, I quickly realised how much more peaceful they made my period experience and how I wished that I had this product when I was a worried 13-year-old getting her period for the first time. 

I was intrigued by how much waste I had produced since starting my period and was uncomfortable by the results I found. Did you know that every year 12 billion period products are thrown into landfill globally and they will not break down for 500-800 years?! Yes, I wasn’t comfy with that at all. 

I did some market research to see what period underwear was out there, but I became concerned about the high cost and the mainly synthetic variations available on the market. 

I also did research into the prominent issue of Period Poverty and its global effect, the more I realised how a product like this can help, and a brand that makes them can truly make an impact. So, with all of this taken on board I decided to start my own company. 

I was very fortunate to have a dad who has run his own apparel manufacturing business for over 20 years; manufacturing a broad and diverse range of products. I made a business case to him, outlining my dream to provide people with a better and more affordable period product while coinciding with improving the environment and reducing Period Poverty. Through discussions, explanations, and research into the issues at hand, dad then agreed, and POM was born. His company then guided me in sourcing appropriate manufacturers, who are skilled and certified. 

 So welcome to the POM family. I hope you find peace in our products and join us on this journey towards making a positive impact for ourselves, the planet, and our community.