Hello POM Community! Welcome to In Sync it is POM’s new blog, where we get in sync with everything to do with the weird and wonderful world of periods. As the founder of POM, I wanted to create a space to explore, share and discuss the more educational side of periods and all that comes with them. 

The In Sync series is going to consist of a large variety of information. From things I wish I’d learnt years ago, to information I cannot believe is only being discussed now. As well as the aspects of periods we don’t usually think about like environmental impacts, period poverty and the intricacies of our overall health and menstrual cycle. 

So why is it so important to talk about “this stuff” and get in sync? Through more open discussions around all things period, postpartum bleeding and incontinence we will help reduce the stigma around these very natural topics. We will spend an average of 10 years of our lives having our periods! Therefore, not having this important knowledge about what they truly entail and then not having open discussions about it all, is a sadness and puts us at a disadvantage. 

At POM we want to bring as much peace of mind to as many people as possible about their periods and In Sync is just another way we plan to do that. I am excited about this series that will be taking place over all of our socials. I’ll also be bringing in some friends and experts to discuss their opinions and learnings on a variety of topics. Making In Sync a well-rounded female health learning experience. Can’t wait for you to join me on this search for gaining greater peace of mind.

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