Understandably, there are still many myths around period underwear given that, in the scheme of things it's still relatively new technology. However, it's here now and it's here to stay so we want to make sure that people have all the information they need to make informed environmental decisions about their periods. 

So we've collated some of the most common myths we've heard about period underwear to debunk them. 

Myth 1 - They leak and or don’t work 

Ok, I know it’s scary but sometimes you just have to trust the technology and give it a go. You see POMs are made with a 4-layer absorbency technology:

Layer 1 - Absorbs 

The first layer material is made from cotton which is moisture-wicking and quickly absorbs liquid. It is also made with a SilverClear® additive. SilverClear is a highly efficient antimicrobial, bactericidal and anti-odour solution. It is ecological, safe and non-toxic. It effectively destroys the bacteria, mould and fungi that cause odour, discolouration and degradation of garments, helping them to last longer.

Layer 2 - Stores the liquid

The second layer’s material is terry fabric, 70% cotton, and 30% polyester.  The function is to further absorb and hold liquid.

Layer 3 - Leak-Proof 

The third layer material is TPU fabric, 100% polyester. The function is anti-leaking, providing a leak-proof layer. It does this by pushing the liquid back up so it does not seep through to the outer layer.

Layer 4 - Comfy outer fabric

​​The fourth layer material is either cotton or an organic bamboo fabric both very comfortable and breathable meaning they are soft on your skin.


It is the combination of these 4 layers that can absorb many tampons’ worth of blood depending on which absorbency you buy. 

You can also wear the period underwear for 8 to 12 hours depending on how light or heavy your flow is. 


Myth 2 - Expensive

Sure, period underwear is initially more expensive than just buying a box of tampons or pads. However, buying disposable products as you need them can add up over the months are years. Did you know that on average you spend 97.50 AUD or £65 in just 1 year on a basic amount of tampons? Therefore, if you buy a 3 pack of POMs (which can last years) you are making your money back in under a year!


Myth 3 - Only for light days

Not at all! You can get POM period underwear that comes in many levels of absorbency from 1 tampon up to 3 tampons worth. This means that even on the heavier days of your period you can still wear POM, but you might not be able to wear them for as long.  


Myth 4 - Only one use

If you feel like your period is too heavy and or you don’t feel comfortable trusting the period underwear straight away then using POMs as a backup first can be a great way to get used to them. 

However, on a no-period-related note the technology can also work for other liquids too. Some people buy POMs to use them for light incontinence, wearing them on days they will be doing activities that may make them leak. 

Others use them for post-partum bleeding and also post-partum incontinence, therefore, POM can be a really good product for people about to give birth. 

Another use that seems to be a winning one is wearing the POM thongs to the gym as they don’t give you a visible panty line plus they absorb sweat! Therefore, you can wear that cute light-coloured activewear without bum sweat showing. 


Myth 5 - Uncomfortable

Most people who haven’t heard about period underwear before seem to think that they are quite bulky and “nappy” like. When in fact they are so much thinner than regular pads (only a couple of millimetres thick) and are also built into the underwear, therefore, the absorbency part doesn’t move around it moves with you. 

POM period underwear is also made from organic cotton and organic bamboo. Which are very soft and breathable fabrics not to mention environmentally friendly. 


Myth 6 - Not that environmentally friendly  

Well, not every period underwear brand makes their products from natural or organic materials. Many products on the market are made from synthetic materials which are man-made, not breathable on the skin, nor do they breakdown once discarded. 

However, POM period underwear is made from organic natural materials meaning that they are much better for both your skin and the environment. Period underwear can keep being washed and used they are so much better for than the environment compared to disposable pads and tampons which end up in landfills. 


We hope this helps clear some things up but if you ever have questions about period underwear please feel free to email ( or DM (@pom_peaceofmind_) us! 


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