There are many reasons to love period underwear and of course, I can come up with heaps (you know being founder and all 😉 ) but in the theme of Galentines love I thought I’d ask the girlies who have tried and tested POMs over the recent months to see what life-changing realisations they have experienced. 

Upon talking to my gorgeous customers and reading their reviews, three themes came up regularly. Easy sleeping, cute and comfy. Given the majority of our customers are first-timers to the period underwear world I understand that moving from tampons and pads to period underwear and trusting this new technology can be scary. 

I remember being initially apprehensive when I decided to try them; firstly using them as a backup with tampons, then trusted them to sleep in and once they had proven themselves worthy I ventured outdoors trusting them for hours. 

However, the reviews are right, sleeping in period underwear is truly life-changing. The stress of needing to get out of bed and change your tampon or pad for risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome as soon as you’re awake gets exhausting, and not how anyone enjoys starting their day. 

Girl in bed wearing grey boyleg POM period underwear

Our most popular product for sleeping in has got to be the boyleg, it’s the most absorbent holding up to 3 tampons. Plus they are just so cute as PJ shorts. I’m not the only one obsessed with them to sleep in though Alice said she “loves wearing the boy leg at night” as she “wakes up refreshed and without a worry”. Elisha also said that she “loves these [boylegs] to wear to bed and if my flow is feeling a bit heavy!” She also recommended “sizing up for a more comfy fit” which I would agree with, just feeling that little bit of extra comfort while sleeping goes a long way. 

On the topic of comfort, that too comes up a lot, which makes me so happy as it is a prime necessity for period underwear as far as I’m concerned. Some of the top competitors for the comfiest POM product are the bamboo high waist and classic cuts

girl standing up wearing black bamboo high waisted POM period underwear

The bamboo high waist makes a lot of sense for taking out the comfiest top prize for many reasons. Firstly, bamboo as a fabric is great for sensitive skin as it is extremely breathable and is 4 times more absorbent than cotton. This is because of its amazing wicking properties that draw moisture away from your body. To quote Annabel “The bamboo period undies are so soft and comfortable. They are a great high waist length for extra comfort during your period!”  

Girl standing outside in the sun wearing pink classic cut POM period underwear

 Our classic cut always seems to get complimented too (and is my fav) they just sit so nicely on so many body shapes with multiple people commenting the same thing… “Super comfy and look and feel like you’re wearing normal undies” and “I love how they feel and look just like normal undies”. Feeling like you are just wearing normal comfy undies is what makes the POM experience truly so enjoyable. 

Lastly the look, we all know it’s important to have cute undies (even if our parents didn’t always agree) and I’d argue even more so when we are on our periods. Feeling good about yourself during a time when we don’t always feel it is important. Our “cutest” ones always tend to be the lace side and thong as there is just something about a bit of lovely lace to make a girl feel a little cuter, especially if it’s not expected in period underwear. 

girl in bed reading a book wearing lace side POM period underwear            close up shot of girl wearing black thong POM period underwear, under jeans

I think these girls sum it up pretty well:

“The cutest period undies ever!” -  Kiera

“I love that I can feel sexy and confident only wearing a thong whilst on my period.” -  Elisha

“They look good and make me feel fabulous while I'm on my period” - Laura

“So beautiful!” - Em

“They’re super comfy and look cute too”. - Alice

It is responses like these that truly warm my heart and confirm to me why this brand and product is so important. So there we have it, the girlies have spoken and the key three loves of POM are easy sleeping, comfort and cute styles. I wonder what your favourite things about POM will be? 👀

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